About Me

Hey there! I told you guys a little bit about my photography background on the home page but wanted to let you know more about me personally. Since I firmly believe if you’re going to hire someone professionally, you should know a few things about 

○ I was born and raised in Richmond, Virginia.

○ I love animals, and I have 3 puppies. Their names are Todd, Zero, and Copper. The picture posted above is of zero and me! He is an excellent model when he wants to be still.

○Other than photography and Video Production, I enjoy swimming, camping, and hiking. I usually still figure out a way to incorporate my camera into these adventures.

○I love meeting new people and enjoy chatting it up with anyone and everyone. You honestly never know what someone has to teach you.

○My favorite movie trilogy is Back To The Future.

○Last but not least, I love collecting hats. It helps hide my hair on messy hair days!




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